New York based designer Emma Winston founded her collection with a commitment to creating designer jewelry at affordable prices, while remaining focused on quality and craftsmanship. With a passion for ear décor and inspired by the Hudson River, she created a collection of jewelry designed to make an elegant and stylish statement by balancing nature with glamour. She aims to capture the eye of modern women with her unique, contemporary pieces that suit any occasion, day or night. Her pieces have a chic, sexy and feminine feel. They are designed using architectural, geometric and classic forms, striking an elegant balance between trendy and timeless design.

Emma Winston’s floating earrings create the illusion that diamonds are floating around your lobes and as if you have multiple piercings. All the pieces in her collections represent the best in modern jewelry design, and are made with the highest standards and attention to details, and all at super appealing and affordable prices!!

I have been sent a gorgeous pair of Emma Winston floating earrings for review and I already am stalking their website for more unique pieces to add to my jewelry collection. I can’t help it. They have contemporary designs with some edgy and vintage and classic pieces. All so pretty!

Floating earring come in two parts – stud and the floating part. Trust me when I say they are simple to wear. I have worn floating earrings in the past but as they are in 3 pieces, they are a pain to put on specially in the mornings when I am rushing to get to work! But not these ones! Since the time I have received them, I have been wearing them non-stop everyday, owing to the ease to wear!

Holiday season is here and what will be more perfect than a beautiful pair of floating earrings. Emma Winston is hosting a giveaway so that all you lucky ladies in the U.S. can also own a unique jewelry item from this gorgeous line! Just fill in the entry form here and win either a free pair of floating earrings, earring studs or two $ 25 gift cards.

And if you don’t win the giveaway, worry not! Just gift yourself a pair of Emma Winston jewelry with promo code AUDIENCE15OFF. They have free shipping worldwide.

Check out the full collection online at and thank me later!

Emma Winston Floating Jewelry


Some of my other favourites!!

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  1. chaicyy

    I do love them too, I have a couple of them and they make any outfit look edgy. Happy Diwali girl!
    Style.. A Pastiche! – Diwali OOTD

    • vivalahighstreet

      Yeah totally agree! I have several of them now..kind of collecting them!


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