I bought Forever 21 Love and Beauty cream cheek blush during my visit to Tokyo last weekend.Considering the modest price of 150 Japanese Yen(approx 2$)…I did not have very high expectations from the product!!!!But Forever 21 proved me wrong!!!!
I bought the shade called CORAL which is a nice orangish pinkish colour.The packaging is so pretty, cute and pink…and that is what attracted me to the product in the first place!!!The blush has a very nice consistency and it glides so smoothly.The best part is that it is not very oily unlike other cream blushes I have used in the past and blends so easily!!!!!!
It stayed for a good 6 hours on me during my visit to a local flea market(but just to mention that it was quite cold..I don’t know how it will perform in warm and humid weather conditions!!)But since it is a small round box and will fit easily in smallest of clutches I don’t mind carrying it around and re-applying whenever required.
Only one thing I would like to warn you about is that since it has fragrance, people with sensitive skin should stay away as it might cause allergies.
But all said and done it is an IDEAL budget buy…now my only grudge is that I did not get it in all the colours when I was in Tokyo!!!!!




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  1. Angela

    Hi there!
    This has been my favorite blush of all time. Do you have any suggestions as a replacement? with the same color and similar texture?
    By the way, great blog!

    • vivalahighstreet

      Thanks:))I saw some cream blushes from Bourjois..they have similar coral color and texture..


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