My hair sheds like there is no tomorrow. Seriously, I have tried a pelothra of shampoos and hair masks but nothing seems to reduce my hair fall. I had to stop straightening and blow drying my hair in order to avoid damage from heat and add to my already thinning hair. I have very fine thin hair, so I was in search of  something to help with thinning hair, specially on certain areas such as my double crown. According to a Chinese belief, a double crown is considered lucky and ancient Javanese believed that it is a bearer of royal crown, but for me it has always been a nightmare! Therefore, when I was asked to try RevivHair Stimulating Serum with Redensyl, I felt as if all my prayers had been answered., located in San Francisco, California, specializes in novel and innovative clinical treatment serums. Their unique formulations are next-generation, high-performance and leading-edge. Reviv Serums aim to provide products equivalent to famous physician-office brands. They have developed some truly novel products with breakthrough ingredients and really astonishing results such as RevivHair and RevivLash Stimulating Serums.

RevivHair Hair Stimulating Serum is a novel next-generation leave-in serum that can help significantly boost hair thickness, fullness, natural color, strength and overall health. A serum doesn’t contain many emulsifiers, or sometimes none at all. This leaves room for more potent, active ingredient percentages, so serums are almost always more powerful and concentrated than other types of emulsions.

RevivHair Hair Stimulating Serum with Redensyl, Stem Cells, Growth Factors & Peptides, is a novel next-gen leave-in serum that can help significantly help boost the appearance of hair density, thickness, fullness, natural color, strength, and overall health. Powerful key ingredients help both men and women.

Its primary ingredient is the new molecule Redensyl, and RevivHair is the first product in North America to contain this active ingredient which helped it win – Cosmetics Silver Award for Best New Personal Care Ingredient in Paris in 2014.

Keratinocyte Growth Factor, Myristoyl Pentapeptide, Biotinyl Tripeptide, and Copper Peptide, among many other superb ingredients, all contribute to follicle health, density and extended anagen/growth hair phases. Redensyl and three types of novel phyto stem cells (argan, malus and sea fennel) target hair follicle stem cells. Niacinamide and caffeine strengthen and visibly thicken existing hair and help keep the hair bulb rooted to the scalp..

This serum is bottled in good-looking and functional treatment bottles. The bottle is purple in color with pink writing which gives it a very high-end feel. Non-opaque bottle assists in seeing exactly how much product you’re getting, and when you’re beginning to run low. The bottle has dropper and it makes it really easy to control the amount of serum and apply it.

Reviv recommends, “Shake the serum before use. Apply once daily, to wet or dry hair, about one or two droppers or more, enough serum for good coverage. Part your hair and apply directly to the scalp, especially in the areas that are thinning.”

I apply a full dropper every night before sleep, target the area near parting and mostly on my hair crown, that is where I have mostly thinning hair. With fingertips I gently massage the serum into scalp. The good thing about the serum is that it gets absorbed into scalp easily and does not feel sticky. I have tested it both ways, and it leaves no residue after applying, either on wet or dry hair.

Since hair growing cycles can take at least 1 to 4 months, it may take a while to notice beneficial effects. I do see more density in my hair, however I don’t see any new growth, because there are no new baby hair. Reviv serum claims to reduce hair fall, but unfortunately I still seem to be losing hair.

The 60 mL bottle has lasted me for a good 1.5 months. It is too soon to say if it has helped in any new hair growth but with all these magic ingredients and scientific research gone into making this, I am hopeful to see some more positive results. In fact, I am planning to order another bottle. I just don’t wanna give up on my bald patch yet!

If you have falling or thinning hair, RevivHair Hair Stimulating Serum is the only product you need!  It’s on sale right now for just $49, you can get it at and while you are there, search for other serums for hair, skin and lash.

As Reviv says, You can’t buy happiness. But you can reverse thinning hair. And that’s pretty close.

RevivHair Stimulating Serum with Redensyl®


RevivHair Stimulating Serum with Redensyl®


baldness in women


hairfall and baldness in women

After a month….

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