70s fashion is huge these days! Be it fringe, A-line skirts, suede or culottes! Culotte pants キュロットパンツ are the perfect pants to get you through this unpredictable fall weather. I must admit that when culottes started to show up on the fashion scene, I was not very impressed and never in my wildest dreams I would have thought that I would be doing a post like this!But recently, I have been seeing so many cute outfits that I started to have a secret crush on culottes! Even if you weren’t an early adopter like I was, I am sure with repeated exposure to culottes in the fashion scene would make you fall for them. In your own way of course!
Wearing culottes can be tricky, given its swingy volume and unpredictable length. The key with culottes is to stick to a formula. Since culottes naturally have a very wide, loose fit, you should make sure that you’re wearing a top that is fitted. If you’re top is slightly on the looser side, be sure to wear a pair of heels to lengthen your look. For all the petite gals out there, your best bet is to select a pair with a shorter hemline. The best way to style them is to wear them as you wear an A-line skirt, tucking in a blouse or choosing a high-waist pair and adding a crop top. As for shoes, you really can’t go wrong with a pair of pointy toe pumps with a slim heel, a thick-heeled platform or fun booties.
Remember, it’s all about balance.
The culotte style is also ideal for office wear. Pair your culottes with a plain top and a blazer and head to the office with a professional and stylish look. Stick to basic colors like black, navy, and off-white.
Once piece of advice I would like to give that if you are not sure that you have fallen in love with the trend, don’t splurge! Find an affordable pair so you can play around with the new look without breaking the bank!

How To Style Culotte Pants


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Sweater – Lokhandwala Complex, $ 30, 2006;
Culotte pants – Uniqlo ユニクロ, $ 40, 2015;
Shoes – Daimaru だいまる, $ 60, 2015;
Socks – Tutuanna チュチュアンナ, $ 3, 2014;
Sunglasses – Forever 21 フォーエバー21, $ 10, 2015;
Bag – Armani Exchange アルマーニエクスチェンジ, $130 ( gift ), 2014; also worn here;

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