I love Maybelline mascara, but once in a while I wander around looking for Japanese mascaras to try. This is when I found Isehan Kiss Me Heroine Make Super Water Proof Mascara キスミー ヒロイン メイク ロング & カール マスカラ. My past experience with Japanese/Asian mascara had not been good until I found this one. Japanese mascaras aim to give long and natural lashes whereas I love voluminous spidery lashes look.
Kiss Me is a well trusted Japanese brand. Japanese like to use technology, what if it is just a mascara! The Moment Lock ingredient strongly sets the curls, and Shape Memory Polymer retains the shape of the curls. The Super Guard Polymer repels tears, sweat and water. Its curved brush allows the bristles to gently grab the eyelash roots so that even the tiniest of lashes can be easily curled up! 5 mm fibres boast 40% more lengthening effect. All that effort for a macara! Well done Kiss me!
It comes in a pretty packaging. There is a girl with big eyes in the picture! And yes all credit goes to the Kiss Me Heroine Make Mascara! It retails for about $12 in Japan. .
I love this mascara, It gives volume, length and also keeps the curl as promised. I never curl my eyelashes and this mascara does a good job to curl and constantly hold the curl. Brush is of good size and is easy to apply to top as well as bottom lashes. It is very black and does not smudges at all. It is blacker than the normal mascaras. It has survived rain and tear so far.
It doesn’t have a very thick texture. It doesn’t clump. It stays on until I remove. I have the Super Water Proof version, which is difficult to remove. They also have a mascara remover but I could’t find it. That’s the only negative I feel. Nothing can remove it for me!
It is really a good mascara if you get the remover too! I am trying to find this mascara in other versions aka NOT super water proof! Or at least the mascara remover!

Japanese Makeup Review: Isehan Kiss Me Heroine Make Super Water Proof Mascara