I bought Kose Cosmoport Softymo White Medicated Facial Wash from a drugstore few months ago. It is a very common face wash here in Japan and is easily available online. This face was claims to have Pearl barley extract which removes melanin occuring dark pigments. It also removes corneum which contains melanin and makeup residue. It helps to make your skin becomes transparent and soft. Excuse me about the transparent part, I don’t understand it myself!!
It is a Japanese cleansing foam that acts as a makeup remover and skin cleanser to achieve brighter skin. This 2-in-1 self foaming cleanser dissolves makeup and impurities in the pores while gently removing excess sebum and skin dulling dead cells. It is formulated with ‘moisture veil’ to protect skin against dryness.
It doesn’t smell anything extraordinary, basically it has no fragrance. Packaging is nothing fancy, just a regular flip cap tube with lots of Japanese written on it. It costs $5 for 190 gm tube.
Well actually I use it as a makeup remover to remove my makeup first. I don’t think any cleanser can remove makeup on its own fully. It is like a thick cream and a little amount lathers up really well and cleanses my skin nicely without making it very dry or stretchy. It lasted me for a good 3-4 months. It left me with a squeaky clean feeling like all Japanese and Korean face cleansers. It claims to whiten and brighten skin, but I was disappointed with that part. I didn’t notice any major whitening or brightening though.
I didn’t see any improvement in my skin texture or evenness in my skin tone.
It comes in a Collagen variation as well. I might try it because overall it is a good face wash. Just don’t expect any extraordinary results from it.

Kose Cosmoport Softymo White Medicated facial Wash Review



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