H&M is the culprit of destroying my idea of whole shopping ban…I had totally made up my mind of  just taking a quick look…not buy anything untill and unless I will die of wanting and longing it that bad…I don’t need anything…I will first wear each and every item I own at least 2 times before going to buy anything new…all these promises to myself went down the drain when I saw this (faux)leather skirt and this gold bracelet in H&M.I have been wanting a leather skirt since a long time after seeing all the fashion bloggers rocking them on the blog scene…so I had to had it!!And the gold bracelet…well gold does it to me.. plus it is the festive season…we all need to be sparkly and shiny and glittery…isn’t it?


P.S.The leather skirt is for 1999 Yen(approx 26$) and the gold bracelet is for 599 Yen(approx 8$)…good deals right?

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  1. Karishma

    I got a similar skirt in tan, but without the detail on the pockets when H&M did the *same* thing to me during fall…and this was after I’d already compiled an autumn wardrobe! *sigh* Great picks though!


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