Trends come and go! And it is not necessary that you follow them all. At least I believe in following only those trends that are long lasting and wearable. And by far, I think that the most wearable trend of summer 2015 has to be the ‘off the shoulder’ trend.
Every chic girl on this planet has been seen wearing this totally wearable style. I personally prefer it more than those midriff baring short crop tops!
Style it with shorts, skirts or even plain denim….it will totally make you look and feel like a diva. It looks bohemian, feminine, chic and effortless. Perfect for beach or bar!
I am totally in love with this trend and I don’t mind adding some more ‘off the shoulder’ pieces this summer.
There is just no excuse to not bare those shoulders!!

Japan street style - summer 2015


Osaka street  - summer 2015




Top – Zara, $ 20 on sale, 2015;
Skirt – Zara, $ 30 on sale. 2015;
Shoes – Stradivarius, $ 23 on sale, 2015,;
Bag – Azul by Moussy, $ 40, 2013;
Hat – Stradivarius, $ 5 on sale, 2015;
Watch – Marc Jacobs, gift, 2012;
Cuff – Forever 21 フォーエバー21 , $ 8, 2013;

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  1. Ada Wilkinson

    Hi Prerna,

    It’s so nice to see another Japan based blogger! I super love your blog and your fashion style. I’m based in Kanagawa and an English teacher as well. Hope to meet you someday when I visit Osaka!



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