Shiseido Tsubaki range is one of the most common and moderately priced shampoos and conditioners in Japan.Every department store, chemist store and convenient store here in Japan stock these products.I read excellent reviews about the Tsubaki range and decided to give it a shot!!!(Even though my Japanese friends don’t speak highly about the Tsubaki range)But when in Japan, why not use Japanese!!!
I bought the red coloured bottle, the shining range.Ipaid 398 Yen(approx 5 $) for the shampoo and 398 Yen for the conditioner as well for 220 ml bottles.
Now coming to the product.It smells great, has a floral scent, leaves a nice lingering smell in the hair after the wash which I liked!!!It reminded me of Garnier Fructis shampoo!!!
The shampoo is creamy and moisturising and lathers well in just a small amount of product. It promises to give shine to the hair….which it did to a large extent.It left my hair soft and shining and manageable.
But the downside is that it made my hair oily and I noticed itchiness in my scalp…so I think people who have dry hair should definitely give it a try but oily haired ones like me should stay away unless you are willing to wash your hair everyday!!!
The conditioner is perfect….no complaints…smells nice…leaves hair soft and sooth and tangle free….creamy and a small amount goes a long way!!!
I may try the Tsubaki White and Golden range in the future but the Red range…its just an average shampoo and I am not going to buy it again!!!


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  1. Tais

    Hi there,
    Have you tried the Tsubaki Head Spa range (yellow color) ?? It is a-ma-zing !!
    The mask is Holy Grail material for me !!
    My best hair beauty discoveries in 2011 were the Head Spa Mask and the Trichup Oil (from India, by the way) !!
    For my hair, they work better than Kerastase, Moroccanoil and other much more expensive brands …


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