Skin Food is a Korean skin care & cosmetics company and Black Sugar Mask Wash Off  is their best seller. This is one of the best face scrubs I have ever used. The best part is that it serves a dual purpose, it is a face pack as well as a mask with fine grains! I purchased it after being recommended by some of my friends who swear by it!!
I paid 22$ for a 100gm container and I have been using it once or twice a week since past 5 months (with still half the container to go). Definitely worth the money!!

Skin Food claims that Black Sugar mask has rich minerals and vitamins to provide lustre and smoothness to skin which is definitely true. It shows visible results leaving my skin smooth and glowy. Skin feels and looks refreshed and soft just after one use.

It has black sugar granules which sloughs off excess oil and grime. The self heating formula opens up pores so that the skin absorbs minerals and vitamins. It has great moisturising properties too. The consistency is thick, with lots of sugar granules. It smells nice of sugar and lemon.

I wash my face, then gently massage the product into the face. It turns milky as the fine sugar melts. I leave it on the face for 15-20 mins, then scrub it for 2-3 mins and wash it off. It works the best on wet face as it is easier to spread the product owing to its thick consistency.

Well there are some negatives too. Firstly I feel it’s expensive, but I will still buy it because it lasts long and the product is definitely worth every penny you pay!!
Secondly I feel Skin Food should improve upon the packing. It comes in a plastic jar and  I have to scoop out the product. Well I can use a spatula too but I am just plain lazy!

I would definitely buy it again and again until it is discontinued! You can also buy it, here.

skin food black sugar mask wash off

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skin food black sugar mask wash off


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