Few days back I purchased The Body Shop Tea Tree Blackhead Exfoliating Wash….well the story goes like this…I was looking for a hard core scrub to be used weekly to remove my dead skin and blackheads.I asked the sales associate that whether this scrub is the daily wash with grains or one to be used once in a week(I could not read the tube because they had stuck some sticker on the tube with instructions in Japanese). Call it my shortcoming or communication gap, the sales associate did not understand  English and sold it to me saying, it is to be used once or twice a week.And after getting it home and going through the Body Shop website I found out that it is just a face wash with grains in it for some light scrubbing!!!Anyways Icould not return it as I had already opened the seal(wish I had read the website before…sigh!!!!!!) and returning anything here is another big task unless I have a Japanese speaking Friend with me!!!!But on the bright side my DHC Salicylic Acne Wash was almost over and I just don’t trust drugstore face washes!!!!!!

Now coming to the actual part of the story…my experience with the face wash!!!!Well I have been using it for almost 25 days now…its kind of creamy so it does not dry the skin(which is bad in my case because my skin is already oily)…..it has grains for gentle exfoliation….it is supposed to make the skin blemish free and smooth but nothing of that sort has happened till now!!!

It has good packaging…I love the colour green and it smells good of tea tree oil..not the harsh but a soft,  smooth and pleasing fragrance.

It has organic tea tree oil from Kenya known for its anti bacterial benefits, Tamanu oil from Madagascar used to promote skin moisturising properties and Lemon tea tree oil from Kenya which gives the fragrance.

If you ask me  it is quite expensive as I paid 1680 Yen(22$) for a 100 ml tube but I am not sure it will last me long as I have to apply a lot of the product as it is not foaming  and if a face wash does not lather well, I am not satisfied!!!!!!!

I don’t think I will purchase it again because I had a lot of expectations from this scrub after reading all those positive reviews on the net and considering the brand and the price.It costs way more than any average drug store product but works just average.It leaves my skin oily and has not stopped my breakouts or have reduced my blackheads…..even my skin does not feel clean after washing.So I would just move on…..:(

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