According to Victoria’s Secret, “Girls’s Night is a light and flirty scent, 100% girly.It has pink peony and waterlily notes.If you are feeling flirty..slip into your heels and get ready to dance all night in this fun, fruity scent.”


I had seen this spray last year for 12$, but few days back when I was just window shopping in Namba, I saw it outside a drugstore in the basket with other discounted stuff for 5$.And considering 250 ml of product there was no second thought.Also I love the packaging.It is an adorable pink plastic bottle with a cute stiletto heel.


It is a great everyday scent.I wear it during the day as well as night.It just feels like a right scent whether just going to work or a dinner!!It smells amazingly of peonies although it has waterlilies too.I find the fragrance really classy and sophisticated like expensive perfumes.It is not overpowering.It smells very clean and crisp, sweet but mature at the same time.Also very flirty and girly.

Well the only downside is that the scent does not stay for a long time.I need to re-apply often.But then, it’s not a perfume, just a sheer fragrance mist!!