Benetton ベネトン launched their collection of fragrances – United Dreams in July 2014. The collection consists of three feminine fragrances that carry a positive message to believe in your dreams: Stay Positive, Love Yourself and Live Free. I bought Benetton United Dreams Love Yourself Deodorant Spray for Her just a few months ago from the Benetton store in DLF Mall of India in Noida. Frankly, I hadn’t bought any deodorant from Benetton in a while, my last being when I was in high school! We had already shopped quite a bit and the salesman asked us to shop for Rs. 10,000 in order to get a 20 % off. And that is how I got this deodorant home!

Benetton United Dreams Love Yourself Deodorant Spray for Her is a fruity and floral fragrance for women. It comes in a set along with eau de toilette Spray. However, I just got the deodorant. I actually didn’t see the store selling the set! Love yourself is a sensual and feminine fragrance with top notes of pear, raspberry, apricot and bergamot. The heart is composed of jasmine, freesia and rose, laid on the base of amber, musk and sandalwood. It’s a clean and nice fragrance, with some woody scent under the top fruity notes. It can be is classed as a sweet and musky scent.

Price: 390 Rs for 150 ml in all Benetton stores

Packaging: It comes in a beautiful pink packaging.

It starts as a refreshing rose, but soon the raspberry intermingles with the rose and the scent finally becomes muskier and softer. It smells really refreshing and summery. It is great for daytime wear.

The only negative I can think about is that its longevity is not that great. To be honest, I can smell it for just 30 minutes or so. I understand that it is not the job of a deodorant to make me smell nice. That is what perfumes are made for. However, I would prefer if it would make me smell good and keep me feeling fresh for some more time!