I like drinking cold coffee and wearing greys n blacks on a cold cloudy day….This is what I wore on a coffee date with my gal pals……

Top(Forever 21), Skirt(some small shop in Lokhandwala, Mumbai, India), Bag (Options,Mumbai,India), Leggings(a boutique in Namba,Osaka) and Shoes(Uniqlo)

I wore my grey Forever 21 top with flowers on the shoulders and I can even wear it as off shoulders if I want. It is perfect for this kinda weather because it  is slightly woollen. My skirt is like my second skin…ya seriously…I wear it like 3-4 times in a week…and its still going strong. This is my first time wearing coloured leggings although, I got it by mistake. I thought it was black with small white dots, but it turned out to be grey with big white dots. But what d heck!! Why not be adventurous as long as I am in Japan…the land of socks!!!!!! No seriously I have never seen so many shops selling socks all year round in my whole life!!!!

P.S. I am looking ghostly in these pictures as they were taken on a cloudy day and on self-timer. And ya this colourful park like place is the backyard of my building so you will be seeing lots of it in the future…..

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  1. Nat

    Hey..Thanks for your comment on my blog 🙂 I have been going throug all your posts and I musts say thta your dressing is not ‘boring’ like you had mentioned on your ‘about’ page 🙂 Love your sense of style! Very classy and timeless!! And I w.a.n.t. those leggings ..they are super chic 🙂


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