Are you on board with this new fashion trend for this season? I am talking about embroidery..a beautiful skill that engaged women since centuries is making an equally beautiful comeback. Origins of embroidery can be traced back to Ancient China, where they would take use various hand sewing techniques to patch, mend, or decorate their clothing.

Embroidery has often been used in the top couture and international collections, Brands like Valentino or Gucci stick with traditional and flawless designs, or sophisticated versions of grandma’s embroidery, highstreet labels like Zara and Asos are more bold and experimental with their ideas.. Fashion bloggers and fashionistas all over the world are quickly picking up this ancient trend, making it a perfect comeback.

Embroidered shirts, jeans, sports and casual wear. were a major trend this summer and will not go any where soon with embroidered coats and jackets leading into fall. Whether it’s a single flower design or like full frontal embroidery on this dress, the detail this technique delivers will grant you stares everywhere.

If you’re not sure and are looking to test drive this trend before you feel sure about it, go with an embroidered blouse or a shirt. Or just add embellishment or embroidery to your denim. Remember, the most popular designs are ethnic patterns and flowers!

I am totally in love with this trend. I really wanted to buy an embroidered shirt but couldn’t find something I really loved. I came across this dress on Asos and fell in love with the unique work on the front. I hope to squeeze in a few wear before it starts getting cooler here in Japan.

Ahem, hail needlework!

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