The Face Shop It Girl Cleansing Foam claims, “It contains egg extract that removes dead skin cells and skin waste. Clearly makes your skin soft and lively. Eggs can remove impurities of skin, control sebum level and tighten pores. This face wash can eliminate keratin and deeply cleanse skin, making  skin fine and smooth. Additionally, it is suitable for all skin types.”

I had never tried any face wash with eggs in the past, and we all know benefits of using eggs on your face, that is why I didn’t even think twice before buying this!

It has a very cute packaging with a girl winking and chicken and eggs. Frankly, I was also attracted to its kawaii packaging. Although I had heard about this Korean brand – The Face Shop a lot, but never bought anything. I haven’t come across any ‘The Face Shop’ outlet yet in Tokyo. I accidentally found it in a drugstore. It was for  $4 for 150 ml tube, not very expensive I think. Considering that it has lasted me for almost 4 months of daily usage, it’s a good deal!

Now coming to the point, this face wash lathers well. Skin feels fresh and clean after using it. Also, perfectly removes all the last traces of makeup. It doesn’t smell like eggs thankfully, instead smells mildly of talcum powder.

I have almost finished the entire tube, but didn’t find any difference in my skin texture. Honestly, I don’t expect much from Korean face washes, except squeaky feeling, cleansing and lots of foam, and that this product delivers that! It comes in an apple variation as well, so I might get it.

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ザ・フェイス ショップ The Face Shop It Girl Cleansing Foam Review