Etude House Bee Happy Lip Balm is made from organic ingredients such as olive oil, shea butter and Vitamin E.It retails for 3$ in Korea but you can also find it online..but the price varies everywhere from 3$ to even 8$!!I bought it on discount and payed slightly less than 2$ for 13ml:)


Love the packaging , it is so cute like all Etude House products.It comes in a sturdy metal re-usable container.


It comes in four flavours..the one I got is Lady Bug which is Aromatic Peach.It smells amazing of peaches + papaya to me!!Honetly I find it the most appealing among the four flavours.It has a gorgeous peachy color in the jar, although when applied it is colourless.


It is a soft balm which turns into lip oil like texture when applied, without being over shiny or waxy.It is light and non-sticky.So I need to re-apply every few hours or I just apply more product before sleeping.Keeps my lips moisturised all night!
Definitely would re-purchase it!!In-fact would love to collect all the four!!

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