Weird..yes…funny…yes….but believe me…. U have to cover your face with a face cover/mask while  trying on clothes in Japanese trial rooms!!!!!!Even International clothing brands like Zara, H&M or Japanese clothing brands famous in foreigners(gaijins) like UNIQLO follow this!!!!!These masks are made of thin white papers with one side longer than the other…don’t know how to exactly wear them…but they keep on slipping every time I take off a T- shirt or a dress..and I have to keep removing my mask to see how I actually look in the new clothes !!!!

These masks are suppose to save your make-up from rubbing off on the clothes while you are trying….specially the white ones!!!!!!I think it is quite innovative and I haven’t seen anything like that before in India or Dubai!!!!!

But the funniest part is that I have been in Japan since last 6 months now…but I understood what these masks are only few days back when I went shopping with a Japanese freind!!!!!!And to tell you the truth…since so many months the trial room attendants have been handing me the mask and explaining about it(but in Japanese language which I dont understand)….. but instead of that I had been thinking that it was some kind of paper which you spread on the floor to keep your hand bags since Japanese people are so particular about their bags and they never keep their bags directly on the floor…unlike us gaijins!!!!!!Thats why all the restaurants provide with boxes under the table where you can keep your bags!!!!

Another reason to take Japanese classes!!!!!!!!