So today I am going to do Gucci Guilty review  グッチ ギルティー. Gucci says that this fragrance is for a “21st century beauty” who is “young, audacious, iconoclast who lives life at full and slightly dangerous”. Well I don’t know about all this but all I can say is that グッチ ギルティー Gucci Guilty perfume is very modern and wearable. It is a grown up scent, very rich and elegant. I feel so sophisticated wearing it. Although the scent is subtle and I can’t smell it on me..I always get complements when I wear it.

It was expensive when I bought it, but I saw it in Shinsaibashi ( which a shopping area in Osaka ) on sale for 30$ for a 30ml bottle. It comes in a very eye-catching bottle with inter-locking “G” creating a window to see the product inside. I love the packaging, it is very sleek and high end. It looks gorgeous on my sink.

Gucci Guilty perfume is more fruity than floral. The top notes give off a nice and happy citrus start, the heart of the perfume has a soft hint of lilac and fruity notes continuing with a peppery scent. There is also vanilla notes in the final stages. So it is more woody and warm. It is suitable for my work place when used in a small amount and I generally use a heavier amount during evenings or when going out.

So this was my Gucci Guilty review. I love the scent but my only complaint is that it doesn’t even last for an hour on me. I need to re-apply it would be great if Gucci could do something about it…

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