Dress, Bag and Belt(Mango), Shoes(Aldo)

Two things I wanna tell you guys about myself…..Firstly I am always on a look out for dresses which I can easily transform from day time to night time and vice-versa.And secondly, I am scared to carry animal prints….be it Leopard, Zebra, Python, Cobra…etc..etc…

But when I saw this dress in Mango I was tempted to give it a shot!!!!And believe me I still get complements for this dress whenever I wear it though its almost 3 years old now!!!!!And teaming it with correct accessories and a belt on the waist just adds a complete new dimension to it.I am dying to overcome my fear and lay my hands on a leopard print dress/shoes/bag/cardigan….basically anything leopard!!!!!Any recommendations?

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