Are you active on the internet? Do you love following fashion trends, probably it is second nature to you, just like breathing? Do you spend hours scouring various online shopping websites for that one perfect dress, only to chicken out at the last moment?

Sounds familiar? Welcome to my club!

I confess, I have many a times ordered online, only to be disappointed on receiving the package coz the dress didn’t fit as it should have. Although, many web stores offer a hassle free return policy but what about the disappointment and the “emotional trauma”. You have a beautiful dress, looked amazing on the model, but does not look good on you coz the fit is not as desired – and then you go through a downward spiral of self loathing, crash diets and days of grief…

That is when I came across SheIn (former SheInside), a very popular online store amongst bloggers and YouTubers due to their wide range of products and very unique pieces at great prices.
And the icing on the cake *drum rolls* is their special emphasis on assisting their customers in their choices by providing accurate measurements of all the products.

A quick glance through their reviews showed that not only did the customers appreciate their commitment to staying true to measurement, but also reciprocated back with honest reviews, posting their photographs with the products that they purchased and providing valuable feedback to their fellow shoppers for future buys.

Oh by the way did I mention that they also offer free international delivery on orders above $30. Yay!!!

And a 40% off on your first order! Double Yay!!! Yay!!!

Now, I had been wanting to purchase a white lace dress for a while. I have this one from Zara but I think it is looking a bit run down these day (that’s the problem with white). Since, it is generally not easy for me to buy products without trying them on, I was contemplating on whether I should take the plunge, when I just couldn’t believe my luck, I received a mail from them offering a collaboration. I immediately said yes. I mean there were no second thoughts. I anyway had planned to order from them. They asked me to choose a clothing item, so I ordered this beautiful white lace dress.

I didn’t want to deal with worrying about size, material and the extra work of returning my package, incase I didn’t like what I received, and therefore, I measured myself accurately, contacted SheIn’s customer service, who were amazing and ready to assist me at every step and  always getting  back to me with prompt replies when I had questions regarding size and returns.

I received my package in just 2 weeks. I was pleasantly surprised that the dress is perfect. Perfect size. Perfect material, in fact a lot better than what I had expected! The lace used is of really high quality too. I am glad I ordered this dress!

Thank you SheIn:)

Moral of the story – If you are scared to venture into the world of online shopping (like me), take a chance. Start from SheIn, and don’t forget to redeem 40% off on your first order!

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Dress – c/o, 2016;
Shoes – Zara, $60, 2015;
Clutch – Zara, $60, 2013; also worn here
Sunglasses – Chanel,gift, 2014, also worn here;