One of my favorite places to visit around Osaka is Kobe. It is under 30 minutes on JR Line and although similar to Osaka, yet a little different. Kobe gives more of a sophisticated and cool vibe. You can blame it on modern buildings and shopping malls, beautiful architecture and fewer people! Also, Kobe is more international than Osaka because of many foreign communities that have settled in Kobe now. And how can I forget cute cafes that serve great cakes and coffee!
Kobe was hit by the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in 1995 which destroyed thousands of buildings. The city was rebuilt and that is why it looks less traditional compared to Osaka. It is relatively small and that makes it easy to explore on foot. The most popular areas to explore are Kitano-chõ, Nankinmachi Chinatown and the area around Sannomiya Station.
My favorite place to visit in Kobe is Kobe Harbour. There are walking paths, a promenade and beautiful views of the sea. There is a flea market and street performances on the weekends.

神戸ハーバーランド Kobe Harborland is a shopping and entertainment district along the waterfront, offering many cafes, restaurants, cinemas, shops and other amusements. There are some new malls around the Harbour too such as Umie and Duo Kobe. It is so central yet so peaceful!I love going there in the evenings just to eat at one of the many restaurant at Mosaic Dining overlooking the sea or walk around Canal City exploring small boutique like shops.

Do visit Harborland if you are in Kobe. Don’t forget to eat Kobe beef and drink some authentic Sake while you are there!

Access: Kobe Harborland starts just outside of JR Kobe Station and the Harborland Subway Station.

summer outfit of the day


T-shirt – Monki モンキ, $ 20, 2013, also worn here;
Pants – Stradivarius ストラディバリウス,$ 40, 2015, also worn here;
Shirt – Bershka ベルシュカ, $ 40, 2012, also worn here;
Bag – Chanel シャネル, gift, 2014, also worn here;
Sunglasses – Marc Jacobs,マーク ジェイコブス ,$ 130, 2013, also worn here;
Shoes – Stradivarius ストラディバリウス, $23 on sale, 2015, also worn here;